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The BruCON 0x09 training registration is open !

Pricing overview :

  • 2 day training – Early-bird 1100€ / Regular 1200€
  • 3-day training* – Early-bird 1400€ / Regular 1500€

Early-bird ends on the 30th June 23:59 ! 

* The Corelan Advanced training is fixed at 1800€ (consist of 3 long days (+ 10 hours) including dinner) and has limited availability.

Training tickets are VAT excluded, invoice available on request. Please read our FAQ if you have any specific questions regarding the invoice or tickets.

To save on processing expenses, all fees paid for the BruCON conference and training are non-refundable. BruCON can accommodate transfers of registrations from one person to another, if such an adjustment becomes necessary.

Windows Kernel Exploitation - Ashfaq Ansari

Price: EUR1500.00

Date: 02/10/2017

Training 2017 - Windows Kernel Exploitation (3-Day Training)

This is the most requested training according to our previous students, so we had to bring him back ! The devil is in details, and for Windows, it's Kernel remains the most devilish part and the most important target from the point of view of exploitation these days. This course of Windows Kernel Exploitation, is unique course by Ashfaq which is fast winning over the world. Ashfaq has delivered this course on all the 3 major continents in short span of a year along with disclosing many CVEs on regular basis.

Available Spaces: 3

Modern Red Team Immersion Bootcamp - Josh Schwartz (FuzzyNop)

Price: EUR1200.00

Date: 02/10/2017

Training 2017 - Modern Red Team Immersion Bootcamp (2-Day Training)

The Modern Red Team Immersion Bootcamp is designed to expose students to the types of attacks that long term persistent Red Teams have deployed against modern organizations. The first day includes a deep dive of recon techniques and approaches where students will plan an attack against a target of their choosing. The second day focuses on post exploitation, lateral movement, and escalation techniques within modern environments comprised of OSX, Linux, Continuous Integration Systems, and elastic compute services.

Available Spaces: 3

Pentesting the Modern Application Stack - Bharadwaj Machiraju and Francis Alexander

Price: EUR1200.00

Date: 02/10/2017

Training 2017 - Pentesting the Modern Application Stack (2-Day Training)

Pentesting the Modern Application Stack is a unique course that covers red team tactics for pentesting modern day application stack. Attendees will learn to identify, exploit and exfiltrate data from Database Servers, Software Collaboration tools, CI tools, Distributed Configuration & Resource management tools, Containers, Big Data Environments, Search Technologies and Message Brokers. The 2 days course is a fast paced and completely hands on program that aims to impart the technical know-how methodology and tools of trade for testing these systems. Real world corporate stacks are emulated in the form of containerised challenges to prepare students for real world scenarios.

Available Spaces: 7

Corelan Advanced - Peter Van Eeckhoutte - Additional seats

Price: EUR1800.00

Date: 02/10/2017

Training 2017 - Corelan Advanced (3-Day Training)

The Corelan “ADVANCED” exploit development class is a fast-paced, mind-bending, hands-on course where you will learn advanced exploit development techniques from an experienced exploit developer.

Make sure you meet the requirements before your register ! 

Available Spaces: 1