Training Registration

The BruCON 0x09 training registration is open !

Pricing overview :

  • 2 day training – Early-bird 1100€ / Regular 1200€
  • 3-day training* – Early-bird 1400€ / Regular 1500€

Early-bird ends on the 30th June 23:59 ! 

* The Corelan Advanced training is fixed at 1800€ (consist of 3 long days (+ 10 hours) including dinner) and has limited availability.

Training tickets are VAT excluded, invoice available on request. Please read our FAQ if you have any specific questions regarding the invoice or tickets.

To save on processing expenses, all fees paid for the BruCON conference and training are non-refundable. BruCON can accommodate transfers of registrations from one person to another, if such an adjustment becomes necessary.

Update 2017/09/24 : A week before the training, we have closed the public registration; You can still join some courses by contacting us on