Q: If I encounter a problem during my registration process, how do I contact BruCON?

Q: I have a discount code, how do I use it?

  • Great for you! You select “Register” for the ticket you have a discount for and fill in the dicount code in the field “Enter Promotional/Discount Code:”. It is actually the first field above the registrations details.

Q: I want to cancel my ticket, how do I do this?

  • To save on processing expenses, all fees paid for the BruCON conference are non-refundable. BruCON can accommodate transfers of registrations from one person to another, if such an adjustment becomes necessary. For ticket transfers you can contact

Q: I want to register more than one person for a training, but the maximum number of attendees is 1?

  • Because of a feature (bug “cough”), you can only register one attendee at a time for one training. The workaround is to do separate registrations or send an email to for a group registration.

Q: Can I buy conference and training tickets together in one transaction?

  • Yes, you can! Just use the shopping cart. You can add conference and training tickets with the “add to cart” link. Once you have your conference and training tickets in the cart you can proceed to checkout with the “View cart” link. Happy shopping.

Q: Can I submit my credit card information safely to BruCON?

  • Transactions effected on the BruCON Registration page  are rendered secure by the Ogone payment system. All information exchanged to process the payment is encrypted using the SSL protocol. These data cannot be detected, intercepted or used by third parties, and are not kept on our computer systems either. Ogone is a technical service provider, and does not take care of disputes linked to the orders. These should be settled directly with BruCON and/or your bank.

Q: Our purchasing department requires an invoice prior to the payment of the conference/training. Can you send us this invoice?

This is most certainly possible. The best way to proceed is for you to:

  1. Perform the online registration of your course
  2. Fill in the invoice related fields in the form
  3. Confirm registration
  4. Select “Download Payment Instructions”
  5. Send your registration reference to to request an upfront invoice
  6. We will then send you the required invoice.
  7. You will get the registration completed per e-mail upon receipt of payment per wire/paypal.

Q: I have a non Belgium VAT number, can you apply the reverse charge VAT mechanism?

  • BruCON charges a VAT (value added tax) of 21% on all Conference Ticket invoices, which can be claimed back from your national tax authorities. Where a General Rule service is supplied from a supplier in one Member State to a customer in another Member State, the invoice from the supplier is free of VAT and the customer accounts for the VAT due in their Member State by applying the reverse charge.  However, the service that BruCON will provide to you – admission to an event in Belgium – does not fall within the General Rule, there are different rules applying.  This is detailed in Article 53 of the VAT Directive (2006/112/EC) which states: “Article 53. The place of supply of services in respect of admission to cultural, artistic, sporting, scientific, educational, entertainment or similar events, such as fairs and exhibitions, and of ancillary services related to the admission, supplied to a taxable person, shall be the place where those events actually take place.”.
    The Belgium VAT that you incur may be recoverable by making a claim under the Refund Directive 2008/9/EC. This involves making a claim directly to your national tax authorities via their electronic portal.
    This regulation does not apply for BruCON Training, which is regarded as a regular B2B services and falls under the reverse charge mechanism.